Why choose Ayre & Oxford Inc.?

Our expertise is Property Management. We specialize in offering the best apartment rentals in Edmonton. Our Company does not aspire to be the biggest in Alberta but rather, our primary goal is to be responsive to the needs and objectives of our client.

We strive to do the best job possible on any project undertaken. As a Property Management Agent, in order to do the best job possible for our client, we are always responsive to the needs and objectives of our clients.. At Ayre & Oxford Inc our experienced Management Team strive to meet or exceed your expectations!

Ayre & Oxford Inc. has a Community Services Committee dedicated to making recommendations for donations to non-profit organizations, sponsorships and planning charitable events throughout the year.

The benefits to our Company are employee recruitment and retention, opportunities to encourage cooperation and volunteerism and developing our young leaders.. Our employees benefit from a good place to live, learn, work and play. The benefits to the Community are endless.

We proudly support food drives, clothing drives, fundraising events, educational organizations, hampers and much more.